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Zeno Levy, Ph.D.

I am a hydrogeologist and geochemist at the California Water Science Center specializing in drinking water resources and groundwater-surface water interactions.

I work primarily on the California State Water Resources Control Board's Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment (GAMA) program. I am interested in understanding how climate-driven groundwater recharge and discharge processes impact the hydrology and geochemistry of wetlands and drinking water resources. I specialize in low-temperature, aqueous geochemistry and utilize a wide variety of naturally occurring hydrologic tracers, including: major ions, trace halogens, stable isotopes of water, and dissolved noble gases. I couple these tracer suites with physical hydrology, geochemical modeling (equilibrium and reactive transport), and geoelectrical methods to better understand porefluid evolution and transport in space and time. While my work fundamentally engages a process-based understanding of pore- to landform-scale water system functions, I am interested in identifying specific processes with landscape-scale transfer value that can help to forecast the fate of wetlands and drinking water resources to changes in climate.