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February 7, 2023

USGS visited Angola during January 15–20, 2023, to discuss scientific cooperation related to minerals and groundwater.

USGS Office of International Programs Africa and Middle East Science Advisor Jeff Doebrich and USGS Science Advisor for International Water John Lane visited Angola at the request of the US Department of State, the Angolan Ministry of Mineral Resources, Petroleum, and Gas, the Geological Institute of Angola, and the Angolan Secretary of State for Water. This was the first visit ever by USGS to Angola.

Discussions centered on potential USGS cooperation with Angolan agencies to

  • analyze newly acquired geoscience data to develop derivative map products that will help better evaluate Angola’s extensive mineral resources, and
  • facilitate scientific solutions to better manage groundwater resources to address the ongoing drought in Angola’s south.

The Angolan Ministry of Mineral Resources, Petroleum, and Gas posted news about the mission (in Portuguese).


photograph of about 60 people standing on steps
John Lane and Jeff Doebrich with Geological Institute of Angola (IGEO) CEO Dr. Canga Xiaquivuila and IGEO staff after a town hall meeting at the IGEO campus in Kilamba, Angola.

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