Swab Sampling

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Swab sampling is a standard method in avian disease surveillance. Oropharyngeal and cloacal swabs are minimally invasive. Tracheal swabs, especially for smaller birds (passerines) are more invasive and may more often be performed on dead birds.

Oropharyngeal (Mouth) and Tracheal Swabs

Requests for swab sampling authorization should include the following information:

  • Master bander’s name, permit number and all sub-permits requiring this authorization.
  • The species and/or species groups from which the swab samples will be obtained.
  • What types of swabs will be performed and the specific protocols that will be followed.
  • Project proposal(s) to justify these activities.

The Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL) will consider requests for swab sampling authorizations for sub-permittees who are fully trained in these techniques while the master bander has no swab sampling experience. In these cases, restrictions on the master banding permit will limit the swab sampling authorizations to the qualified sub-permittees.

Please allow 2 months lead time to process your request.

Information can be emailed to bbl_permits@usgs.gov.



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