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There are many ways to reach the Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility. Reach out to the main contacts below, or use the Employee Directory to find an individual.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Engineering Technician James Bounds 228-688-1355
Hydrological Technician Mark V Carnley 228-688-1260
Distribution Facilities Specialist Kenneth Chong 228-688-2898
HIF Engineering/Electronics Technician and Instructor Ray Elliott "Elliott" Crawford, III (228) 688-1676
HIF Supply Technician Robin L Dailey 228-688-2898
Engineering Technician Nikki Denton 228-688-1602
Engineering Technician Veronica Ferman 228-688-1546
HIF Electronics Technician Jay M Fouquette 228-688-3679
Engineering Technician Bryan Frierson 228-688-1838
Hydrologic Technician W. Kevin Hadley 228-688-3267
Technical Information Specialist Joanne C Jones 228-688-1521
HIF: Engineering Technician Damon A Jones, Sr. 228-688-7176
Chief Kevin B Kotun 228-688-3115
Chief, Instrument Evaluations for Electronics, Pressure and Fabrication Gerald A Kunkle 228-688-2108
HIF Engineering Technician Gary E Loman 228-688-1569
HIF Engineering Technician Harold R Myers 228-688-1610
IT Specialist Jordan Nihart 228-688-1535
HIF Engineering Technician Erma J Nilsson 228-688-1571
WMA Radio Liaison Officer, PASS Database Manager Richard W Pardee 228-688-2111
Chemist Evan F Tillman 228-688-1501
HIF Engineering Technician Johnny T Wheat 228-688-1567
Engineering Technician Melanie S. White 228-688-1960
Hydrologist Christopher Wilson 228-688-3075