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Petroleum Geochemistry Research Laboratory

The Petroleum Geochemistry Research Laboratory (PGRL) provides analytical capabilities and technical expertise in support of research and assessment projects within the USGS Energy Resource Program with a commitment to the provision of quality petroleum organic geochemistry and mineralogy data. PGRL is also active development and in the distribution of shale and natural gas reference materials


Development of hydrocarbon gas standards for stable isotopic composition (δ13C and δ2H)

A suite of gas standards was developed to serve as international secondary reference materials (RMs) for the determination of the compound-specific carbon-13/carbon-12 (δ13C) and hydrogen-2/hydrogen-1 (δ2H) values of hydrocarbon gases. This report provides background information on the project, the methods used to produce and analyze the gases, as well as the data analysis and recommended stable i
Geoffrey S. Ellis, Robert F. Dias