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Geologic map of the Clavius Quadrangle of the Moon

January 1, 1972

The Clavius quadrangle is in the southern lunar highlands about 500 km south of the Mare Nubium and 150 km south of the large young crater Tycho. This part of the Moon is characterized by densely cratered topography and the absence of mare materials. Geologic units in the quadrangle cannot be directly correlated with those in the vicinity of Mare Imbrium, 2500 km to the north, which define most of the lunar time-stratigraphic systems (Shoemaker and Hackman, 1962; Wilhelms, 1970). However, the relative ages of rock units, including crater materials, have been determined by established geologic methods, such as superposition and cross-cutting relations. In addition, crater materials have been positioned within the lunar time stratigraphic framework (Offield, 1971) by estimates. Based on morphology, of their state of erosion (Pohn and Offield, 1970).

Publication Year 1972
Title Geologic map of the Clavius Quadrangle of the Moon
DOI 10.3133/i706
Authors David Cummings
Publication Type Report
Publication Subtype USGS Numbered Series
Series Title IMAP
Series Number 706
Index ID i706
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse