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Quaternary geologic map of the Vicksburg 4° x 6° quadrangle, United States

January 1, 1990

This map is part of the Quaternary Geologic Atlas of the United States (I-1420). It was first published as a printed edition in 1990. The geologic data have now been captured digitally and are presented here along with images of the printed map sheet and component parts as PDF files. The Quaternary Geologic Map of the Vicksburg 4° x 6° Quadrangle was mapped as part of the Quaternary Geologic Atlas of the United States. The atlas was begun as an effort to depict the areal distribution of surficial geologic deposits and other materials that accumulated or formed during the past 2+ million years, the period that includes all activities of the human species. These materials are at the surface of the Earth. They make up the ground on which we walk, the dirt in which we dig foundations, and the soil in which we grow crops. Most of our human activity is related in one way or another to these surface materials that are referred to collectively by many geologists as regolith, the mantle of fragmental and generally unconsolidated material that overlies the bedrock foundation of the continent. The maps were compiled at 1:1,000,000 scale. In recent years, surficial deposits and materials have become the focus of much interest by scientists, environmentalists, governmental agencies, and the general public. They are the foundations of ecosystems, the materials that support plant growth and animal habitat, and the materials through which travels much of the water required for our agriculture, our industry, and our general well being. They also are materials that easily can become contaminated by pesticides, fertilizers, and toxic wastes. In this context, the value of the surficial geologic map is evident.

Publication Year 1990
Title Quaternary geologic map of the Vicksburg 4° x 6° quadrangle, United States
DOI 10.3133/i1420(NI15)
Authors W. A. Gilliland, K. V. Luza, D. E. Pope, E. G. Wermund, R. A. Miller, W. V. Bush, K. N. Jensen, W. D. Fishman, David S. Fullerton, David L. Weide, Charles A. Bush
Publication Type Report
Publication Subtype USGS Numbered Series
Series Title IMAP
Series Number 1420(NI-15)
Index ID i1420(NI15)
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
USGS Organization Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center