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GECSC researchers conduct multi-purpose geologic mapping and topical scientific studies to address issues concerning geologic, climatic, ecosystem, and land surface changes; human interactions with the environment; and physical, chemical, and biological characterization of the Earth's surface and upper crust. 


Date published: October 21, 2019

Low-Level Flights to Image 3D Geology in Northern Arkansas

Editor: In the public interest and in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration regulations, the USGS is announcing this low-level airborne project. Your assistance in informing the local communities is appreciated.

Date published: September 14, 2018

Big Thompson Floods of 1976 and 2013 - A Visual Comparison

The Big Thompson Floods of 1976 and 2013 shown visually. The inundation images reflect the location and peak streamflows at certain points between Estes Park and Loveland, Colorado.

Date published: July 27, 2018

Follow National Wildfire Information in the Palm of Your Hand: GeoMAC Goes Mobile

The public can now access information about active wildfires across the country using a smartphone.


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Year Published: 2020

Quantifying interregional flows of multiple ecosystem services – A case study for Germany

Despite a growing number of national-scale ecosystem service (ES) assessments, few studies consider the impacts of ES use and consumption beyond national or regional boundaries. Interregional ES flows – ecosystem services “imported” from and “exported” to other countries – are rarely analyzed and their importance for global sustainability is...

Kleeman, Janina; Schröter, Matthias; Bagstad, Kenneth J.; Kuhlicke, Christian; Kastner, Thomas; Fridman, Dor; Schulp, Catharina J. E.; Wolff, Sarah; Martinez-Lopez, Javier; Koellner, Thomas; Arnhold, Sebastian; Martin-Lopez, Berta; Marques, Alexandra; Lopez-Hoffman, Laura; Liu, Jianguo; Kissinger, Meidad; Guerra, Carlos; Bonn, Aletta

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Year Published: 2020

Geologic map of Petroglyph National Monument and vicinity, Bernalillo County, New Mexico

This geologic map depicts and briefly describes geologic units underlying Petroglyph National Monument and immediately adjacent areas in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. The Monument is underlain dominantly by Quaternary basalts of the Albuquerque Volcanoes volcanic field, a series of basin-filling volcanic flows and associated vents from a...

Thompson, Ren A.; Chan, Christine F.; Gilmer, Amy K.; Shroba, Ralph R.
Thompson, R.A., Chan, C.F., Gilmer, A.K., and Shroba, R.R., 2020, Geologic map of Petroglyph National Monument and vicinity, Bernalillo County, New Mexico: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 3447, scale 1:24,000,

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Year Published: 2020

Coexisting seismic behavior of transform faults revealed by high-resolution bathymetry

Transform faults are known to have anomalously low rates of seismicity, but no direct observations reveal why this is the case. We use new, autonomous underwater vehicle high-resolution seafloor mapping to image the morphology of and offsets along transform fault segments in the Gulf of California. Fault splays display a varied history of...

Hilley, George E.; Sare, Robert M.; Aron, Felipe; Baden, Curtis W; Caress, Dave; Castillo, Chris; Dobbs, Stephen C; Gooley, Jared T; Johnstone, Samuel A.; Liu, Frances; McHargue, Tim; Nevitt, Josie M; Paull, Charles K.; Shumaker, Lauren E.; Traer, Miles M; Young, Holly H