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Eyes on Earth Episode 97 – EROS 50th: Earth As Art Bonus

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In this bonus material for episode 97 of the Eyes on Earth podcast, the three guests, all engineers at USGS EROS who started the Earth As Art project, talk about their favorite Earth As Art images.




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Tom Adamson

I counted how many earth our images there are.

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Tom Adamson

Across the six collections. There are 207 out of those 207 images across multiple collections. Do you have a favorite that Do you have a favorite?

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We mentioned the optimist. That's probably one of my favorites, which is it's a desert scene with a single center pivot irrigation system in the middle of the scene, just showing up in bright red, surrounded by desert. And I called it the optimist, and they allowed me to keep that name.

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Tom Adamson

So that's a good one. Yeah, that's a fantastic image from there. From the from the Earth as Art One collection seems to have a story in there just in the title and in the image.

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I think. I think we learned later that that irrigation system is actually a Namibian government facility, that they're there trying out ways to reverse diversification with, you know, resistant crops and such. So it's the government's being optimistic, but still.

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Tom Adamson

There was still something optimistic about it. That's yeah, yeah, Yes. Okay.

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And that was a very clever name.

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But for Visual for Beauty, I'd have to choose the Aleutian Islands. There are Kaman vortices over the islands near Alaska that just creates swirls of clouds. And because there's it's so cold there, the clouds are in different colors. We're looking in the infrared spectrum. So there's a lot of blending of different colors. And these swirls in the clouds.

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It's a beautiful scene.

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Tom Adamson

And here Landsat is a land imaging satellite and one of the most beautiful images features clouds.

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Yeah, Yeah.

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Tom Adamson

Ron, do you have one?

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Well, I've got several, but turkeys. Your patience is one of my favorites. And it's a desert scene. The Lena Delta is a really nice one. There's. There's quite a few that I really like. Peyton mentioned the Parana River Delta earlier. The spider or the some of the newer ones are really, really interesting to deep blue cubism and the reentry.

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The chapel casa is a big rock in the northwestern Sudan that sticks up out of the Sahara Desert. And that really makes for a really, really interesting scene that looks like a meteor shooting through the atmosphere.

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Tom Adamson

Yeah. Reentry that was called, right? Yeah, that's from Earth as Art six. That's the most recent one. It was a couple of years ago. John, You got to say which one you as you got to say, which one is your favorite.

00;02;46;09 - 00;03;03;17


Or I'll agree with Ron. Lana Delta is one of my favorites, but also the Trayvon Depression is is a great one, just wild colors. They're trying to figure out what's going on. Oh, golly. They're just all, you know, trying to pick your favorite child. You know.

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Reshot, reshot structure is. Yes.

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Reconstruction of the main one.

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And some of the glaciers are really outstanding. We have a Malaspina glacier in Alaska. Hmm. The 1500 square mile glacier that is near the coast. It's very, very cool looking. There's the Petermann Glacier, and that's in North western coast of Greenland. And that's really cool.

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That we put that in. The joke hole in Earth is all I forget is that one. That was another beautiful picture of a glacier in Iceland. And I forget whether that made the cut or not.

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Tom Adamson

Or what was the name of the glacier again, that.

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I'm probably mispronouncing and it's an Icelandic name, but that and that vatnajökull I forget.

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I don't I don't know.

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You know, an interesting thing about these images is that they're ethereal. The Lena Delta in the decades since, I don't know if we've ever gone as perfect cloud free image of that. We just happened to find, you know, one time Landsat passed over with the right ground conditions and no clouds was lovely. Well, it's the glacier you mentioned up in Alaska has been a melting glacier, also has changed significantly.

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And they are hard pressed to find any image that was as cool as the opportunity we had to look at it early on, you know, because the glaciers and things change over time.

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Just to note, I just looked it up. Vatnajökull is in the Second Earth is our collection of good.

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Tom Adamson

This podcast, this podcast, this podcast, this podcast. This podcast is a product of the U.S. Geological Survey, Department of Interior.

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