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Tule Goose Migration Tracks, 2019 and 2020

Detailed Description

Fall migration routes for tule geese in 2019 (five geese) and 2020 (four geese) through arrival at Summer Lake Wildlife Area, Oregon. This area experienced massive wildfires in 2020 which resulted in aberrant migration behavior, increased energetic demands, and increased mortality risk. Routes during 2020 encountered smoke plumes initially over the Pacific Ocean or Olympic Peninsula. Maximum extent impacted by wildfire smoke of sufficient concentration to disrupt waterfowl migration (>161 µg m-3 red) encompassed an area equal to 64% of four western states (California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington) on September 12th, 2020 and was >44 times larger than the combined area directly impacted by wildfire.


Overton, C.T., Lorenz, A.A., James, E.P., Ahmadov, R., Eadie, J.A., McDuie, F., Petrie, M.J., Nicolai, C.A., Weaver, M.L., Skalos, D.A., Skalos, S.M., Mott, A.L., Mackell, D.A., Kennedy, A., Matchett, E.L., Casazza, M.L. 2021. Megafires and thick smoke portend big problems for migratory birds. Ecology. 

Basemap source: Esri, HERE, Garman, Open StreetMap contributors, and the GIS user community


Public Domain.