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Annex PDS Status Classification Chart

Detailed Description

The PDS archive status (marked at upper right of each product page, see table) of geospatial data products in the Annex varies, depending on the source and date of delivery to the Annex. Most products are either PDS3 or PDS4 compliant, with the majority served as 8- or 16-bit “raw” GeoTIFFs (meaning uncompressed and untiled, see White Paper below) with detached PDS3 and ISIS3 headers.  

In this format, these files are fully PDS4 compliant 2D or 3D “arrays” (see Section 4.2.1 for a summary of PDS4-compliant data formats, link to PDS4 Data Providers Handbook,  

Browse images in the Annex are typically served as JPEG (.jpg, a PDS4 "encoded byte stream"). While the collection of fully PDS4 compliant products in the Annex is growing, IMG is working to develop PDS4 archive bundle and collection structures, XML labels and documentation (usually in PDF/A format) for all Annex data. 


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