CSC Central Regional Workshop

CSC Central Regional WorkshopCSC Central Regional Workshop

Detailed Description

To help develop the structure of the NCCWSC and partnership mechanisms needed to
link climate science and national resource management in the United States, and to
provide impetus to the establishment of the NCCWSC, the USGS is convening a series of
regional workshops that build on the outcomes of a 2008 national workshop, bringing
together a broad range of stakeholders (federal and state agencies, academic institutions,
and NGOs).

The first regional meeting, for the USGS Eastern Region, was held on May 6–7, 2009 at
Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge. A Western Regional Meeting was convened in
Seattle on June 4–5, 2009. The final regional meeting, for the Central Region was held in
Denver on June 10–11, 2009.

The Central Regional meeting began with plenary presentations about the NCCWSC and
related climate activities of the USGS and the Department of the Interior. Following the
plenary session, participants split into three groups to develop input on the priorities and
structure of the NCCWSC and the Regional Climate Science Hubs. They were also asked
to discuss the further the proposed hubs as they relate to the USGS Central Region, and
consider existing partnerships that could become part of a regional hub and possible hub
locations. Following the break out sessions, the participants regrouped and shared a
summary of the discussions of each group.


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