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GHISA PowerPoint

GHISA-1a.pptx (12.94 MB)

Detailed Description

Global Hyperspectral Imaging Spectral-library of Agricultural Crops (GHISA): The concept of GHISA is explained in detail in these slides. Please review the PowerPoint presentation to understand what we mean by GHISA. Overall, the idea of GHISA is to develop a hyperspectral library of agricultural crops for the entire world. We have made a beginning with United States of America (USA). Please go to the "results" link in the GHISA web site ( and download the USA GHISA data of major crops based on Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) Hyperion data. GHISA will be built for leading world crops based on hyperspectral data obtained from spaceborne or airborne imaging spectroscopy and hand-held imaging or point spectroscopy. The concept of GHISA can be understood by visiting the GHISA web page (, and related manuscript ( 


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