GHISA - USA - EO-1 - Hyperion - DATASET

GHISA - USA - EO-1 - Hyperion - DATASETGHISA - USA - EO-1 - Hyperion - DATASET

Detailed Description

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These spectral library data (GHISA-USA-EO-1-Hyperion-data-of-crops-1g.csv) contain a hyperspectral library of agricultural crops gathered from different agroecological zones of USA (Figure 1). The hyperspectral data were gathered for leading world crops consisting of Corn, Cotton, Rice, Soybean, and Winter Wheat of USA. Hyperspectral data were obtained from the Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) Hyperion satellite images available in the USGS satellite data archive ( There are over 70,000 EO-1 Hyperion images for the world gathered from the 2001-2015 time-period. Crop type reference data were obtained from the USDA Cropland Data Layer (CDL) (


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