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Histopathology - Plate 14 - Figures 40-42 PDF Format

Detailed Description

Histopathology - Plate 14 - Figures 40-42 PDF Format

  • Figure 40: Proliferative kidney disease (PKD). 6-month-old rainbow trout infected with PKD showing extensively swollen kidneys (white arrows) exhibiting enlarged spleen (black arrow). (Courtesy of C. E. Smith). 5219w x 3567h (72 dpi). 72.486 in. x 49.542 in.
  • Figure 41: PKD organism (arrow) in kidney imprint from a 6-month-old rainbow trout. The caustive agent is Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae, a malacosporean. Leishman-Giema (L-G) stain. X1100. (Courtesy of C. E. Smith). 5208w x 3461h (72 dpi). 72.333 in. x 48.069 in.
  • Figure 42: PKD infected 7-month-old rainbow trout kidney showing proliferative tissue response (arrow). H&E stain. X230. (Courtesy of C. E. Smith). 5187w x 3514h (72 dpi). 72.042 in. x 48.806 in. 


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