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Histopathology - Plate 24 - Figures 70-72 PDF Format

Detailed Description

Histopathology - Plate 24 - Figures 70-72 PDF Format

  • Figure 70: Nanophyetus salmincola (commonly known as the salmon poisoning fluke) metacercariae (arrows) in the kidney of an adult coho salmon. Note minimal tissue reaction or inflammation around the parasites. M-G G stain. X150. 1568w x 1022h (300 dpi). 5.227 in. x 3.407 in.
  • Figure 71: N. salmincola metacercaria in the heart ventricle of a spawning coho salmon. Note again the minimal tissue reaction around the organism. M-G G stain. X150. 1566w x 1030h (300 dpi). 5.22 in. x 3.433 in.
  • Figure 72: N. salmincola metacercaria (a) in thyroid tissue (b) area of a yearling coho salmon. Note the fibrosis and granulomatous reactions (c) adjacent to the metacercaria. H&E stain. X150. 1566w x 1041h (72 dpi). 21.75 in. x 14.458 in.


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