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Histopathology - Plate 8 - Figures 22-24 PDF Format

Detailed Description

Histopathology - Plate 8 - Figures 22-24 PDF Format

  • Figure 22: C. shasta trophozoites and spores. Note the spores (arrows), some of which are destained enough to exhibit the paired polar capsules. M-G G stain. X640. 5219w x 3509h (72 dpi). 72.486 in. x 48.667 in.
  • Figure 23: Myxobolus (Myxosoma) cerebralis infection in yearling cutthroat trout, O. clarki, showing scoliosis and lordosis. Top two fish are normal. 5187w x 3514h (72 dpi). 72.042 in. x 48.806 in.
  • Figure 24: M. cerebralis spores (arrow) in wet mount made from infected fingerling steelhead trout, O. mykiss. Differential interference contrast (DIC).  X1800. (Courtesy of H. Wolf). 5040w x 3430h (72 dpi). 70 in. x 47.639 in. 


Public Domain.