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MTAB 5, August 1966

MTAB_05.pdf (1.39 MB)

Detailed Description

This Memo to All Banders (MTAB 5) was released on August 17, 1966. Subject: “Memos to All Banders” and revised “time table” for submission of schedules reporting banding of NON-GAME SPECIES. From this memo forward, all memos will be numbered so banders can identify if they have not received them.  Memos are import conveyers of information and if a bander does not receive one, check with the BBL for a copy and to potentially update your address. Previously banders were to submit their banding once a year by January 31. However, this puts pressure on banders during the holidays and pressure on the BBL in the middle of recovery season. Banders are now requested to submit all NON-GAME SPECIES banding schedule as soon as possible after completing a string of bands.  


Public Domain.