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MTAB 7, June 1967

MTAB_07.pdf (2.1 MB)

Detailed Description

This Memo to All Banders (MTAB 7) was released on June 9, 1967. Subject: Transmittal of revised “age” codes – to be used for birds banded after June 30, 1967.  Age codes have been updated by the BBL for the following reasons: 1. Current age codes are inadequate for qualified bander to record the age of the birds they handle, 2. For many species new techniques have been developed allowing for more refined data and thus better data analysis, 3. The revised codes will be as compatible as possible with records already on file, 4. Banders will be able to cope with the expanded age codes, 5. Due to the large number of species, variations in species, limitation imposed with dealing with encoded data and the inadequately worked out “age” criteria for most species that the classification will continue to be tied to calendar year. This is essentially the same system banders have been using and will be compatible with the newly centralized European Banding Scheme (Euring).


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