Satellite Telemetry Workshop

Satellite Telemetry WorkshopSatellite Telemetry Workshop

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Little was known about the Argentine waterfowl or their habitat, so an American businessman and duck hunter, Mr. Paul Tudor Jones,
decided to spend his own money to conduct a satellite tracking study on his ranch in Argentina. The team of researchers that was assembled for the study included scientists from USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Maryland, USA, and a professor and students from the University of Cordoba, in Argentina. Staff on the ranch in Argentina and biologists on the donor’s staff in the United States were heavily involved with the study. Although many species of ducks occur on the ranch, this study aimed at filling existing information gaps on four duck species common in the hunter’s bag: the rosy-billed pochard (Netta peposaca), white-faced
whistling duck (Dendrocygna viduata), black-bellied whistling duck (D. autmnalis), and the fulvous whistling duck (D. bicolor).


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