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TM95-07 Submission of samples for analysis by the NRP Isotope Fractionation Project in Reston

Detailed Description

Changes have been made by the National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL) and the National Research Program (NRP) in Reston concerning the submission of samples for oxygen (O-18/O-16), deuterium (D/H), sulfur (S-34/S-32), as well as calcite and CO2 samples for both C-13/C-12 and O18/O-16 analyses. These new arrangements will result in considerable savings of both time and money for the districts. Effective June 1, 1995, all samples for the analyses listed above are to be sent directly to U.S. Geological Survey, Attn: Jeanne Jaeschke, MS 431, Room 5B127B, 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, Virginia 22092. The Analytical Services Request (ASR) forms are to be sent with the samples. After logging in the samples in Reston, copies of the ASR forms will be sent to the NWQL. Districts that ship their samples in coolers will have the cost of returning their coolers charged to their account. Any samples sent to the incorrect lab will be forwarded to the correct lab. The cost for this shipping will be charged to the district. 


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