2014 Brown Treesnake Rapid Response Team

2014 Brown Treesnake Rapid Response Team

Detailed Description

The Brown Treesnake (BTS) Rapid Response Team includes members from a wide range of entities and agencies. A core group of Guam-based biologists who are experts at finding and capturing  snakes (skills that are continuously honed through their field research activity on Guam) provide assistance to local cooperators during a response. These biologists deploy within 24-48 hours of a reported credible BTS sighting. Team membership includes representatives from non-profit entities and Federal, State, and Local Government agencies operating in the Pacific Region. Presence of trained local members on snake free islands is key to mounting a fast and effective response when BTS sightings are reported. These members help verify sightings of BTS, interview the person(s) that saw the snake, and begin the initial response before USGS partners arrive to provide assistance.


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