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31 groundwater wells across Geauga County, Ohio

Detailed Description

Map of 31 groundwater wells across Geauga County, Ohio. Residents of Geauga County rely almost exclusively on groundwater as their source of drinking water. County planners are concerned that steady population growth and associated increased withdrawals of groundwater may cause a decline in groundwater levels. Declining groundwater levels indicate a decrease in the amount of groundwater that is available for human use and to maintain streamflow during dry periods. This study is monitoring groundwater levels in 31 wells across 
the county that tap four widely used aquifers to determine whether fluctuations in water levels represent consistent, long-term trends caused by human activity or are predominantly the result of seasonal and annual variations in recharge. Knowledge of the magnitude and locations of groundwater declines in the county are needed to assist in planning for future growth and conservation of groundwater resources.