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3DHP Figure 9 Implementation Milestones

September 2022 (approx.)

Detailed Description

3DHP implementation milestones from fiscal year 2016 to fiscal year 2031 for several categories including governance and communications, dataset pilot studies, baseline dataset completion, data specifications and acquisition, 3DHP dataset lifecycle management, and 3DHP Infostructure.


  • Governance and Communications - (FY22 and ongoing)
    • Establish and implement 3DNTM Executive Forum 
    • Establish and implement 3DHP Working Group
    • Communicate with key partners
  • Dataset pilot studies
    • Conduct pilots to derive hydrography from elevation - (FY17 through FY23)
    • Conduct pilots to integrate with other dataset - (FY21 through FY25)
  • Baseline dataset completion
    • Produce NHDPlus HR for Continental United States (CONUS), HI, territories - (FY16 through FY27)
    • Produce NHDPlus HR for Alaska - (FY20 through FY31)
  • Data specifications and acquisition
    • Develop and implement data specifications - (FY19 and ongoing)
    • Establish and implement Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) - (FY22 and ongoing)
    • Call for 3-year data acquisition priorities - (FY22 through FY23)
    • Contract for 3DHP data - (FY23 through FY30)
    • Validate and manage data, produce products - (FY24 and ongoing)
  • 3DHP dataset lifecycle management
    • Develop operational plan - (FY22 through FY23)
    • Develop 3DHP data model - (FY22 through FY23)
    • Develop and implement operational data production and management systems - (FY22 and ongoing)
  • 3DHP Infostructure
    • Prototype 3DHP Infostructure - (FY18 through FY23)
    • Develop core 3DHP Infostructure - (FY23 through FY25)
    • Develop and maintain advanced 3DHP Infostructure - (FY25 and ongoing)



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