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5 Ways Climate Affects Bears

Detailed Description

The words "5 Ways Climate Change Affects Bears" with an image of a bear.

Text reads:

"Drought can reduce the availability of important foods like berries & seeds”

"When less food is available, bears will sometimes turn to garbage bins, bird feeders, & other sources of food found near humans, leading to human-bear conflicts"

"Warmer temperatures & less snow can result in bears entering dens later and leaving dens earlier. If they emerge from dens too early in the spring, their food sources might not be available yet"

"Less precipitation can mean bears have to travel farther to find food & good habitat."

"Polar bears need sea ice to hunt for seals. With sea ice melting sooner in the spring, polar bears can’t eat as many seals, meaning they have to endure longer stretches without food. This can lead to reduced survival & fewer cubs. As sea ice melts, polar bears are also spending more time on land – increasing the risk of human-bear conflict."

Graphic created by VSFS Intern, Louise Johansson, 2022


Public Domain.