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A SM4 bat detector is deployed in Grand Canyon to record ultrasonic bat calls

Detailed Description

A SM4 bat detector is deployed at Kwagunt Canyon in Grand Canyon. This weatherproof detector records ultrasonic bat calls. Photo by Anya Metcalfe, USGS, SBSC. This is part of an ongoing study during a study that is examining bat abundance and foraging in Grand Canyon along the Colorado River. For more information, see: Metcalfe, A.N., Fritzinger, C.A., Weller, T.J., Dodrill, M.J., Muehlbauer, J.D., Yackulic, C.B., Holton, P.B., Szydlo, C.M., Durning, L.E., Sankey, J.B., and Kennedy, T.A., 2023, Insectivorous bat foraging tracks the availability of aquatic flies (Diptera): The Journal of Wildlife Management, e22414,


Public Domain.