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Abundant Biocrust and Phlox in Sagebrush Landscape

Detailed Description

In this sagebrush community, there are intact biological soil crusts that are composed of cyanobacteria, lichens and mosses. Phlox sp. are growing abundantly on these biocrust communities.

Biological soil crusts are an intimate association of soil particles, cyanobacteria, algae, lichens, bryophytes, and microfungi which live within or directly on top of the uppermost millimeters of soil. (Belnap, 2003)


Belnap, J. , Büdel, B. & Lange, O. L. (2003). Biological soil crusts: characteristics and distribution. In Biological Soil Crusts: Structure, Function, and Management (Volume 150, eds Belnap J. and Lange O. L.), pp. 3–30. Springer, Berlin and Heidelberg


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