Aspicera hartigi

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This is picture 4 from a 12 picture invited series by Matt Buffington ( at the USDA Parastitic Hymentoptera group using specimens from the U.S. Natural History Museum Smithsonian. Matt uses a system very similar to ours to photograph and stack this super tiny wasp.Aspicera hartigi is a remarkable parasitic wasp! Females lay eggs into aphid-predaceous syrphid larvae (hover flies). Well, syrphid larvae don't like to be parasitized, as it puts a cramp in their style! Syrphids try to fight off Aspicra, but Aspicera is just too fast, using a quick-strike oviposition behavior to lay an egg in the syrphid larvae before it can defend itself. Aphids everywhere can thank Aspicera for saving their lives!


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