Attachment F: 3DEP FY21-23 Federal Areas of Interest - jpg

Map of Attachment F: FY21-23 Federal Areas of Interest

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Attachment F: 3DEP FY21-23 Federal Areas of Interest 

The goal of 3DEP is national coverage. This map reflects current near-term federal agency areas of interest for lidar data acquisition. Overlap with these near-term federal agency areas of interest is encouraged and is one of several evaluation criteria defined within the BAA, however, 3DEP welcomes proposal submissions over the entire United States in pursuit of national 3DEP coverage. All proposals will be reviewed against the full set of evaluation criteria. Final FY21 acquisition areas will be defined based on submitted and accepted proposals, as well as analysis of existing data holdings and work in progress. Final program of work is subject to available funding.

As of September 2020


Number of Federal Agencies Seeking 3DEP Lidar

Beige - 1 Agency

Light Lime Green - 2 Agencies

Cyan Light Green - 3 Agencies

Cyan - 4 Agencies

Blue - 5+ Agencies


Available or In Progress Data that Meet 3DEP Specification

Dark Green - Lidar

Dark Blue - IfSAR (Alaska)


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