Aztec Ruins National Monument

Aztec Ruins National Monument

Detailed Description

This view shows the multistory construction style of the West Ruin. One of the smaller kivas is in the foreground. Archeological investigations suggest that the community pueblo was used for many decades until shortly after construction peaked around A. D. 1125 (Morris, 1880; Corbett, 1962). Then, new construction ceased and the inhabitants appear to have departed. The reasons for the Chacoan-style cultural peoples departure are unclear, but may have involved social pressures caused by drought and associated regional conflicts (Cajete and Nichols, 2004; Benson and others, 2007). The community was reestablished in 1225 and refashioned with Mesa Verde style-construction. It was occupied for about another 50 years before the puebloan community at Aztec apparently migrated elsewhere (Corbett, 1962; Cajete and Nichols, 2004).


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