Bar-tailed Godwit with a satellite transmitter and tag Z0

A Bar-tailed Godwit with a Z0 tag on it's leg and a satellite transmitter antenna emerging from rear feathers

Detailed Description

Bar-tailed godwit "Z0" instrumented with an implanted Argos satellite transmitter (note dorsally exposed antenna) to facilitate aerodynamics during the species non-stop flights across the Pacific Ocean. This bird was tracked from her non-breeding area in New Zealand to a spring staging area in the Yellow Sea (10,000 km in 8.8 days, non-stop), then to a breeding area in Alaska (4,200 km in 5.5 days, non-stop), and finally a trans-Pacific return flight to Australasia (9,800 km in 7.6 days, non-stop).


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Date Taken:

Location Taken: AK, US