Daniel R Ruthrauff, Ph.D.

Reproductive and migration ecology of shorebirds; shorebird population demography



Ph.D.         2014           University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands           Animal Ecology
M.S.          2002           Humboldt State University Arcata, California                          Wildlife Management
B.A.           1991           University of Colorado, Boulder                                              Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology

Professional Experience

2002 - Present       Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Geological Survey / Alaska Science Center
1999 - 2001           Biological Technician, Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge, Bethel, Alaska
1996 - 1999           Biological Technician, U.S. Geological Survey / Alaska Science Center
1995 - 1996           Volunteer Field Assistant, various projects
1995                      Groundfish Observer, National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska
1991 - 1992           Freshwater Fisheries Extension Agent, United States Peace Corps, Togo, West Africa

Professional Activities and/or Memberships

Cooper Ornithological Society
Wader Study Group