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Daniel R Ruthrauff, Ph.D.

Reproductive and migration ecology of shorebirds; shorebird population demography

My career in Alaska began in 1996, working as a seasonal technician on various bird studies. Today, my research broadly investigates the biotic and abiotic factors that affect bird populations. My projects primarily focus on shorebirds as study subjects, but I also have extensive experience studying landbirds and waterfowl. My work focuses on documenting the status and distribution of shorebirds, studying the migration ecology of shorebirds, and assessing the reproductive ecology of Alaska-breeding shorebirds. Because most of Alaska's shorebirds are migratory, I collaborate on international efforts on many of these same topics. My current research focuses on the interactive effects of climate change and rapidly expanding goose populations on shorebirds, landbirds, and their breeding habitats in Arctic Alaska.

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