Bed grain size plotted as a function of distance and flow depth

Two graphs with large blocks of color in background and collections of dots over those to show various parameters.

Detailed Description

Bed grain size plotted as a function of distance downriver and flow depth. Each of the 8 plots represents a different survey. Each dot shows the location of an individual grain size sample; color of the dot represents mean grain size of that sample. Because sampling density is too great to plot without most points being concealed by other points, the location of each point on the plot is shifted by a small random displacement. The background color is a smoothed surface fit to the data (color-coded using same color scale as used for individual points).


Image Dimensions: 400 x 400

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Location Taken: US


Rubin, D.M, Topping, D.J., Chezar, H., Hazel, J.E., Schmidt, J.C., Breedlove, M., Melis, T., and Grams, P.E., 2010, 20,000 grain-size observations from the bed of the Colorado River, and implications for sediment transport through Grand Canyon: 2nd Joint Federal Interagency Conference, Las Vegas, NV, June 27 - July 1, 2010, 12 p.