California seafloor videos and photos

Panels of interactive screens showing a map with tracklines in the ocean area and corresponding photo and video.

Detailed Description

Screenshot from the video and photo portal.


Image Dimensions: 800 x 694

Location Taken: CA, US


Golden, Nadine E., and Cochrane, Guy R., 2013


California Seafloor Mapping Program video and photograph portal
The USGS presents video and photographs of seafloor segments off California, from the U.S.-Mexico border to the Oregon State line. The USGS collected this imagery as part of the California Seafloor Mapping Program, a large collaborative effort supported by the California Ocean Protection Council, the USGS, and many other local, State, and Federal partners. The California Seafloor Mapping Program is producing a series of maps of seafloor depths (bathymetry), habitats, geology, and more within the 3-nautical-mile limit of California’s State waters. The images presented here were taken by video and still cameras towed approximately 1 meter (3 feet) above the seafloor to help scientists interpret sonar data acquired during California Seafloor Mapping Program surveys (details in Video And Photography Ground-truthing). The video cameras collected continuous footage over selected tracklines, with runtimes ranging from 10 minutes to a little more than an hour. The still camera took photographs at regular intervals, typically every 30 seconds. More than 550 kilometers (340 miles) of trackline video and 87,000 photographs have been collected up and down the California coast, and they’re all here. Dive in!