Capitol Reef - a view from the Strike Valley Overlook

This is a photo of a view from the Strike Valley Overlook.

Detailed Description

Afternoon clouds make for dramatic landscape color changes. This zoomed view from the Strike Valley Overlook provides a more detailed view of the Upper Jurassic and Cretaceous section, and of the Henry Mountains in the distance. Across the bottom of the image are the brown and gray beds of the San Rafael Group. The top of the San Rafael Group is the gray, slope-forming sandy shale of the Curtis and Summerville Formations. The shale is overlain by the conglomeratic sandstone of the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation. In the shade of clouds across the lower center of the image is the barren purple and gray shale of the Brushy Basin Shale Member of the Morrison Formation. The rest of the section up to and including the caprock rim on Tarantula Mesa is Mancos Shale. The caprock sandstone on Tarantula Mesa is Mesaverde Formation ( Morris and others, 2000). The Henry Mountains (in the distance) were one of the last named mountain ranges in the United States; the mountain cores consist of intrusive igneous rocks (laccoliths) of Tertiary age (Gilbert, 1880). Radiometric ages derived from the igneous rocks suggest that the intrusions in the region were emplaced between 31.2 to 23.3 million years ago (late Oligocene) (Friedman and Huffman, Jr., 1997).


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