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Colorado River Raft Tour - cliffs of Supai Group along the river

Detailed Description

~ Mile 14: View looking upstream (east) at Marble Canyon. Cliffs of Supai Group (Esplanade Sandstone) are along the river. Hermit Shale (red slope) and cliff in distance include Coconino Sandstone (massive sandstone beds), Toroweap Formation (layered beds exposed in lower small canyon above dry waterfall), and Kaibab Formation (white-gray layered beds on slope and cliffs at the top of canyon. For selected references these formations in the Grand Canyon area, see Supai Group and Hermit Shale - Blakey, (1990); Coconino Sandstone - Middleton and others, (1990); Toroweap Formation - Turner, (1990), Kaibab Formation - Hopkins, (1990).


Public Domain.