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Common Analogs in Northern Arizona

Detailed Description

  • Black Point Lava Flow – An analog for basaltic volcanism overlying ancient sedimentary deposits.  Also used for science operations testing.
  • Cinder Lake Crater Field – Cinder field with craters that were generated to replicate part of Mare Tranquillitatis.  Used as an analog for traverse studies, navigation, and mobility.
  • Grand Canyon – A complex history of deposition, erosion, and tectonic processes.  Used as an analog for stratigraphic relationships, active fluvial processes, and the intersection of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.
  • Hopi Buttes Volcanic Field – Contains ~ 300 maars and diatremes.  An analog for phreatomagmatic volcanism, as well as navigation and traverse planning among volcanic craters.
  • Lava River Cave – An easily accessible km-long lava tube, with perennial ice deposits, used as an analog for volcanic terrains, sites to support human exploration, and in situ resource utilization.
  • Meteor Crater – One of the best-preserved impact craters on the Earth, used as an analog for impact processes stratigraphic relationships.
  • S P Mountain – An analog for basaltic volcanism and landscape evolution, also used for navigation and traverse planning in diverse terrains.
  • Sunset Crater - An analog for basaltic volcanism.  Also used for science operations testing.
  • Verde Valley -  An analog for studying habitability, with a rich history of interbedded sedimentary and volcanic deposits; including fluvial, lacustrine and spring deposits, and lava-water interactions.


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