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Comparisons: fauna/flora - urban trees

Detailed Description

Six panel data visualization in the graphical form of a comic. The first panel is of a bright sun with trees lining a street that has tall buildings on either side. The second panel shows a squirrel sitting on a park bench under a tree; the squirrel’s thought bubble reads: ‘it’s so hot today, glad I can shelter under this tree.’ The third panel depicts a chart of a tree with flowers of varying size which depicts the magnitude of energy savings for 744 major US cities. The fourth panel shows a skyline with a storm; the text reads: ‘Later that day...’ The fifth panel depicts a chart where the length and size of the water droplets indicate the average water savings by state. The sixth panel says, ‘Learn more about how urban trees reduce energy costs and increase rain infiltration across the United States.’ with the USGS logo and DOI link for data.


Public Domain.