Corals from Lānaʻi

Underwater looking at corals of all kinds.

Detailed Description

Video clip from AWB_01282001.mpg at 23 seconds, just offshore of Lānaʻi's southern coast.


Image Dimensions: 718 x 649

Lat / Long: 20.757100000000 / -156.841300000000

Location Taken: US


USGS Hawaii Seafloor Imagery: CMGP Video and Photograph Portal
Underwater video footage was collected in nearshore waters (<60-meter depth) off the Hawaiian Islands as part of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Coastal and Marine Geology Program’s Pacific Coral Reef Project to improve seafloor characterization and for the development and ground-truthing of benthic-habitat maps. Several video collection techniques were employed, including using SLED, SEAVIEWER, SPLASHCAM, and BOBSLED systems. USGS scientists and their partners assess coral ecosystem history, ecology, vulnerability, and resiliency and provide study results to decision makers who may devise policies to sustain coral resources and the essential goods and services they provide.