DGMETA (Dissolved Gas Modeling and Environmental Tracer Analysis)

4 charts illustrating DGMETA output for temperature, and ratios of gases

Detailed Description

DGMETA (Dissolved Gas Modeling and Environmental Tracer Analysis) can compute the solubility of inert, reactive, and environmental trace gases commonly used to study the water cycle. Sample data can be graphed to identify applicable models of excess air, samples that contain excess nitrogen gas, or samples that have partially degassed, for example. In addition, graphical routines for separating helium sources using helium isotopes are included to refine estimates of tritiogenic helium-3 when terrigenic helium from mantle or crustal sources is present in samples. Environmental tracer concentrations and their errors computed from DGMETA can be used with other programs, such as TracerLPM (Jurgens and others, 2012), to determine groundwater ages and biogeochemical reaction rates. 


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