"DI" tilt events measured at Kīlauea summit Mar. 1-7, 2012. Deflati...

"DI" tilt events measured at Kīlauea summit March 1-7, 2012. Deflat...

Detailed Description

Tilt measured at the summit of Kīlauea during March 1-7, 2012, shows a series of U- and V-shaped DI events, with deflation indicated by downward tilt and inflation by upward tilt. Images from a thermal camera that overlooks the summit eruptive vent demonstrate how the lava level (noted by white dashed line), depicted by warmer colors, charges across tilt cycles. Tilt is measured in microradians, with one microradian equivalent to the change in slope caused by putting a dime under one end of a bar that is 1 km (2/3 mile) long.


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