Diagram of the IceCube neutrino detector and seismometer package

diagram with white at top, brown at bottom, and lines in an array extending from top to bottom

Detailed Description

(a) Diagram of the IceCube neutrino detector including the area where an upgrade is scheduled for the 2023–2024 field season (red area) and where (b) a seismometer package could be emplaced as a special device. Unlike traditional borehole seismic stations, the data would need to be digitized downhole and directly interface with the IceCube Mini-Mainboard. Power routing is shown in red, digital signals in black, and analog signals in yellow. (from Anthony et al., 2021)


Image Dimensions: 1558 x 1775

Location Taken: US


Anthony, R. E., A. T. Ringler, M. DuVernois, K. R. Anderson, and D. C. Wilson (2021). Six Decades of Seismology at South Pole, Antarctica: Current Limitations and Future Opportunities to Facilitate New Geophysical Observations, Seismol. Res. Lett. XX, 1–18, doi: 10.1785/ 0220200448.