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Diagram showing seismic profile and sediment core collected at Hosgri fault

Detailed Description

Compressed high-intensity radar pulse (chirp) profile HFC-9 located south of the Cross-Hosgri slope (CHS). Profile crosses the midshelf region and images the extensive transgressive surface of erosion unconformity (blue) also seen below the CHS. The seafloor is delineated in red. Sediment core HF-12 is located along the profile on the flank of the Hosgri fault zone and is shown by a red rectangle. Inset shows the bottom portion of HF-12 and the associated radiocarbon and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) ages. Note the jump in ages above and below the blue horizon. Radiocarbon ages are noted in black, whereas OSL ages are shown in red. TWTT—two-way traveltime.


Public Domain.