Dinosaur National Monument - Dinosaur Quarry

This is a photo of The Dinosaur Quarry.

Detailed Description

Another view of dinosaur bones in the high wall of the Dinosaur Quarry Visitor Center. Too often, dinosaur bone discoveries only yield isolated or disarticulated remains, making the interpretation of the skeleton structure extremely difficult. Fortunately, many articulated or partially articulated dinosaur skeletons were discovered in the Dinosaur Quarry site. Great effort was taken to carefully note and catalog specimens as they were removed before they were prepared and assembled into museum displays. Some of the dinosaurs skeletons have been reassembled into museum displays at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Henrici, A., [2010]). During the last century, many hypotheses and interpretations have changed with new fossil discoveries and as new methods are applied to studying fossils. Although excavations have ceased in the Dinosaur Quarry within the Visitor Center, research and discovery continues within the park and in the vicinity. In addition to the Morrison Formation, dinosaur remains have been discovered in the Cedar Mountain Formation (a younger Early Cretaceous-age rock formation that overlies the Morrison Formation) (Whitman, [2000]).


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