Double Keyhole Cave Diving

Photograph of a scuba diver in Double Keyhole Cave, Tampa Bay, FL

Detailed Description

Bobby Scharping, a post-doctoral scholar working with scientists from the USGS (John Pohlman) and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Stefan Sievert and Matt Charette), documents the environmental conditions where he as emplaced an acoustic current meter and multi-sensor package 90 feet underwater AND underground in Double Keyhole Cave near the coastline of Tampa Bay Florida.  Bobby seeks to understand how the mixing of dissolved and particulate material within this karst subterranean estuary supports life below ground and is impacting the water quality of the adjacent coastal waters. To conduct this work safely, Robert has received extensive training and applies strict discipline to cave diving protocols.  Photo credit to Paul Heinerth.


Image Dimensions: 1431 x 1073

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Location Taken: US


Photo Credit: Paul Heinerth