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EPA’s EnviroAtlas Biodiversity Metric

Detailed Description

EPA’s EnviroAtlas Biodiversity Metric - Audubon Climate - Threatened Bird Species Richness based on the GAP Species Habitat Distribution models.

By integrating Gap’s species habitat distribution models with projections of future land use researchers were able to quantify the potential for habitat loss for key groups of wildlife species in the Southeast depending on different land use policies.

Martinuzzi, S., Pidgeon, A.M., Radeloff, V.C., Plantinga, A.J., Lewis, J.D., Whitey, J., McKerrow, A., Williams, S., and D. Helmers, D., 2015,  Impacts of future land-use changes on wildlife habitat: insights from Southeastern US. Ecological Applications 25(1)2015, 160-171.


Public Domain.