Examples of orthomosaic imagery and digital surface model

Imagery shows an aerial view of a coastal region, one is a photograph and one shows elevation data.

Detailed Description

Examples of orthomosaic imagery and a high-resolution digital surface model of Post Point, Bellingham Bay, WA.


Image Dimensions: 826 x 1308

Date Taken:

Location Taken: Bellingham Bay, WA, US


Logan, J.B., Grossman, E.E., VanArendonk, N.R., and Maverick, A.F.G., USGS


USGS data release
Aerial imagery and structure-from-motion data products from UAS survey of the intertidal zone at Post Point, Bellingham Bay, WA, June 2019. An unmanned aerial system (UAS) was used to acquire high-resolution imagery of the intertidal zone at Post Point in Bellingham Bay, Washington on June 6, 2019. This imagery was processed using structure-from-motion (SfM) photogrammetric techniques to derive high-resolution digital surface models (DSM), orthomosaic imagery, and topographic point clouds.