FBGC Special Geoscience Studies Project, Exhibit Opens November 2019

Pete Chirico stands in front of his exhibit

Detailed Description

On November 7th 2019, The U.S. Department of State opened its National Museum of American Diplomacy (https://diplomacy.state.gov/about) and unveiled its first exhibits telling the story of American diplomacy. USGS Florence Bascom Geoscience Center (FBGC) Scientist and Associate Director, Peter Chirico, is highlighted in the exhibit, for his Science Diplomacy work serving as Scientific and Technical Advisor to the Office of Threat Finance Countermeasures in the Department of State's Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs.  Since 2007, the FBGC Special Geoscience Studies Project has been supporting the U.S. Department of State in preventing the mining of diamonds and minerals from being used to fund armed groups, criminal networks, and terrorist organizations by applying satellite imagery and geomorphological field mapping techniques to detect and monitor small-scale mining activities in conflict zones globally. The exhibit will be open to the public for scheduled tours on Fridays at 10 amand 1 pm at 330 21st Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20006 (https://diplomacy.state.gov/ticketing).

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