Float-tape Gages

Float-tape gage example

Detailed Description

A float-tape gage typically consists of a float, a graduated steel tape, a stainless-steel counter-weight, and a pulley wheel attached to an analog or SDI-12 shaft encoder. The float pulley is sypically a diameter of about 4 in., is grooved on the cicumference to accommodate the tape, and is mounted directly to the shaft of the encoder The shaft encoder is connected to a data collection platform (DCP) or electronic data logger (EDL) where timed measurements of stage are recorded. An arm typically mounted to a gage shelf extends to a point slightly beyond the tape to carry an adjustable index.  The tape is connected to the float by a clamp that also may be used for making adjustments to the tape reading, in case the adjustments are too large to be accommodated by the adjustable index. 


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