Future Scenarios Graphic for North Atlantic Right Whale Futures

Graphic showing four future scenarios outlined by team from NOAA fisheries for future right whale populations: Thrive, Support a

Detailed Description

A scenario planning exercise supported by NOAA fisheries generated four plausible scenarios for future right whale populations based on differences in future environmental conditions and human activities: 1) Thrive, where right whale populations increase due to successful conservation actions and favorable ocean conditions, 2) Support and Survive, where whale populations remain constant as conservation actions make up for less-than-ideal ocean conditions, 3) Limited Options but Alive, where populations remain constant due to favorable ocean conditions but continue to be threatened by human activities, and Dive, where populations decline due to both unfavorable ocean conditions and unmitigated threats from human activity. The ideal scenario, Thrive, is denoted by a yellow star. Figure modified from Figure 3 in the North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis) Scenario Planning Summary Report.


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